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Inventive thinking, Value creation, and Survival are on everyone's minds now more than ever before.  Over the past 30 years, companies all over the world have discovered that the product development process is as important as the product itself. We believe, whether you sell products or services, success requires three key outputs of your product development process:juggleguy

  • VALUE . . . to attracts customers,
  • QUALITY . . . to earn respect, and
  • INNOVATION . . .to differentiate yourself from the competition.

When project teams effectively integrate these three elements into the front end of their product development process, they will all but guarantee success. There are several well known methodologies being used today that drive Value and manage Quality, but Innovation is far more elusive and less structured.  Most organizations rely on simple brainstorming and a . . .


What's in YOUR Innovation Toolbox?

Yes! Everything you see above is strategically integrated into our 8-Step Systematic Innovation Process!  Click them to learn more or
contact us for much more detail. and ask us about our FREE Webinars or in-house Executive Overviews.

A little over 19 years ago, we set out to understand INNOVATION and INVENTIVE THINKING at a much deeper level.  Our goal was to make "innovation" much more efficient and practical for typical product development teams in ANY industry.  Through extensive research on innovation best-practices and dozens of iterations, we have refined a process into what we now call "Systematic Innovation", an 8-step process that is centered around Value, Quality, and Inventive Thinking.  It integrates well over three dozen technological and psychological "best practices" used by industry leaders.  This process proactively creates New Value for your customers. Learn exactly when, how, and where to use all the tools & methods in the LIGHTBULB above. Contact us for details.

To the right of the lightbulb is a short video that introduces the basics of our 8-step "Systematic Innovation" process.  With clients on 5 continents, ask us about our project based training, facilitation, workshops, coaching and webinars on any or all aspects of our 8-step Systematic Innovation process .  Questions welcomed and encouraged!

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Featured Video (Systematic Innovation)

Click the above video for an intro to our 8-Step Systematic Innovation process.

Note: If you don't see a video above, your company blocks YouTube.  You have two options: 1) View it on a computer that allows access, or 2) Click the following link for an alternative way to view the presentation: Systematic Innovation (Self paced with no sound or voice narration that the above video has)


Below is a shorter and updated video introduction of our 8-Step Systematic Innovation Process (2014)

Which of the following steps is most challenging for YOUR company?



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